Smithing Practice And Reading


After some venison chop for breakfast, I left Broken Tower Redoubt and returned to Makarth. I sold what I could to Ri’saan, a Khajiit trader outside of Makarth. In Markarth, I first stopped at the smith to improve the Dwarven Sword I had recovered in Broken Tower Redoubt, sharpening it to a fine point with a Dwarven Metal Ingot. I tried to improve my Thieves Guild Armor but its magical aura resisted the smith’s awl. I realized that I lacked the understanding of how to improve magical items. Ghorza, the Orc smith, told me that understanding could only come through hours of practice at the forge. I spent the next couple of hours under her tutelage, improving my smithing abilities. It is a skill I have long neglected, but in combat it is the small advantages that spell out the difference between life and death.

I returned to the Silver-Blood Inn to relax for the rest of the day. Sitting at the bar, a Nord named Cosnach challenged me to a brawl for 100 septims. I told him I had better things to do. I do not understand the strange character defect that makes these Nords want to fight all the time. I finished off a dinner of grilled chicken breast and grilled leaks and returned to my room. I decided to read some books before bed:

  • The Wispmother: Two Theories by Mathias Etienne. A study of wisp mothers and the dividing scholarly theories on what they are exactly.
  • The Talos Mistake by Leonora Venatus, Imperial Liaison to the Aldmeri Dominion. A biased argument of why the worship of Talos was a mistake. Mainly that it weekend the memory of the man Tiber Septim himself and pushed people away from the true Gods (the Eight Divines)
  • The Charwich-Koniinge Letters, Book 1. A correspondence between Charwich and Koniinge. In this book, Charwich writes to Koniinge about his attempts to track down Hadwaf Neithwyr who supposedly possessed Azura’s Star. Neithwyr learned that Neithwyr was working for a patron named Baliasir and after fighting off a werewolf caretaker, found that Baliasir was in Wayrest. That’s where the letter ends.
  • The Code of Malacath: A Sellsword’s Guide to the Orc Strongholds by Amanda Alleia, Mercenary. A description of the code by which orc strongholds live by. It is is a highly patriarchal and violent society that breeds determined and focused warriors.

Tomorrow, I decided that I will investigate the Hall of Dead.


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