Arrival In Markarth


I woke up fairly early this morning. I decided that I would make the journey down to Markarth today by foot. I was still furious that I had been tricked and betrayed by Jar-Ree. I ate a boiled creme treat and some bread for breakfast and headed out of the city. I headed west out along the main road. Soon, I came across a small town called Dragon’s Bridge which derived its namesake from the large stone dragon head on its southern bridge. I recalled that a messenger from Dragon’ s Bridge had been dispatched to Solitude, regarding a magical cave nearby. Judging by the presence of the Empire’s banners and soldiers, it appears Jarl Elisif had answered the man’s requests. I didn’t stop in the town and moved throughly quickly.

I was passing by the ruins of an old tower when I was suddenly ambushed by a wild woman. She was dressed in barbaric furs and wore a headdress made from the antlers of an elk. I was able to beat her, but found nothing that could identify the woman. I continued when I bumped into an orc on the road. He muttered a passing taunt, something that should have been ignored easily but maybe my anger at the fact that Jar-Ree was still out there caused me to respond.

“You shouldn’t talk to me like that.”

“Why? What are you going to do about it, cry?” He stepped into my face.

“Back off. Now.” I said through clenched teeth.

“I don’t have to take that from you.” he pulled out his sword and a fight ensued. I defeated him, but instantly regretted the senseless act. Not out of some moral compunction mind you, but because I was ruled by emotions at the moment. I liked my kills clinical and exact. I was acting like some fresh Fighter’s Guild recruit.

I stopped off on the side of the road to have a lunch of cooked beef and then I continued following the main road, using the sign posts to guide me. I was passing by a house next to a mine, when more of those wild women attacked me. They were dressed the same as the first. I broke into the house but it was empty. Whoever these wild barbarians were, they were no more threatening than the common bandit albeit with a penchant for animal pelts, horns and skulls. I continued on my way. When I saw a tent of khajiit traders camped outside, I knew I was close to Markarth. Outside of the city, there were some small mining communities. I saw a circle of people having a heated discussion. It turns out they were talking about the house and mine I had passed. They referred to the wild warriors as Forsworn and spoke on how the Forsworn had killed everyone in the mine except Pavo and Gat who had escaped. I asked one of the miners Skaggi about the Forsworn and he told me that they were natives of the Reach. I offered to clear out the mine, but Skaggi could only offer me his gratitude. Unfortunately, I can’t feed myself on gratitude.

The city of Markarth looked ancient and its golden doors resembled like that strange Dwemer place I had passed. When I entered the city, I witnessed a woman murdered. Screams of terror filled the air as people fled. The city guard were upon the murderer quickly. After the commotion settled, the guards ushered the common people along. An elf named Eltrys called me aside and asked if I had seen what happened. I replied that I hadn’t seen anything. He told me I had dropped a note and left. Picking up and reading the note, it asked me to meet him at the Shrine of Talos. I pocketed the note for the moment, found the local inn (the Silver-Blood Inn) and went inside. I ate a dinner of rabbit haunch at the bar and rented a room for the night from the owner Kleppr.

Rumors of Forsworn agents were heard on everybody’s lips that night in the inn. Many people seemed to think that the murder had some connection with the Forsworn. Furthermore, Kleppr told me that the Hall of Dead had been closed down recently. I excused myself and retired to my room. I couldn’t fall asleep immediately so I read two books. Volume 1 of the Biography of Barenziah told the story of Barenziah, a dark elf princess who was adopted by the Count of Darkmoor. She is happy until a wicked orphan boy named Straw lied to her -telling her that her parents planned to sell her off as a concubine and convinced her to flee. She fled with Straw until they arrived at Riften. Thief of Virtue was a funny story about a handsome thief named Ravius Terinus who tries to rob a baron in Hammerfell. The baron catches on and rouses the guard and Ravius manages to swoon the Baroness and escapes.


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