It was still raining this morning when I woke up. After a breakfast of salmon steak and sliced apples, I made my way down to the Solitude docks. Swimming across to the opposite bank of the Karth River, I followed the water’s edge east to the archipelago. I picked my way across the small rocky islands and sheets of ice floes. The rain had stopped and was replaced by a thick fog. I finally saw the Icerunner run aground on the rocks. When I approached, one of the Blackblood Marauders told me Deeja was waiting for me in the ship’s hold. On the ship’s deck, I saw the bodies of the Imperial Guards and down in the belly of the ship I saw a number of sailors murdered in their beds. For a simple heist, something felt wrong but I ignored it. When I found Deeja, the Argonian bitch told me that the loot had already been moved and I had been a mere pawn in their plan. She attacked me but she was easily defeated, but the noise had attracted the other marauders. I kicked the door shut to give myself time to think.

Damm! I was betrayed! I cursed my stupidity. I should’ve never accepted a job from a stranger. I was blinded by the promise of gold. Furthermore, all the tell-tale signs were there. Dead guards and sailors. This wasn’t the benign robbery job that Jaree-Ra had made it out to be. Well, hindsight is flawless and I had a more immediate problem on my hands: getting past the marauders and off the ship. But I swore when I found Jaree-Ra I would make him suffer. I swung open the door and before the marauder chance to notch an arrow to his bow, I was upon him. I moved my way through the rest of the ship, eliminating the rest of the bandits before they had any idea what was happening. When the ship was cleared, I returned to Darjee’s corpse and searched it. I found a note from Jar-Ree telling her to meet him at Broken Oar Grotto. I didn’t know where Broken Oar Grotto was, but I intended to find out.

I left the ship and washed the blood off myself by the water. I ate some pheasant roast and bread for lunch and began head back to Solitude. I stopped at the East Empire Company Warehouse and the Solitude Lighthouse, but no one there had any answers for me regarding the location of Broken Oar Grotto. Back at Winking Skeever, I asked Corpulus if he had heard any rumors, hoping for some mention of Jar-Ree or the Blackblood Marauders but it turned up nothing. I may not find you today Jaree-Ra. But when I do, mark my words: I will make you pay.


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