Extinguishing The Fire


As I left my room, I swiped a meal of bread and seared slaughter fish from the table. Downstairs, I ran into Vivienne Onis who I had seen around town. She was dancing to the music of the bard. She recognized me from Roggvir’s execution. It turns out her cousin was Fura, the daughter of the alchemist Angeline. Outside, it was cold, gray and raining. As I was walking, I was discreetly called over by an argonian named Jaree-Ra who asked if I was looking to make some easy gold. Jaree-Ra wanted to raid an incoming weapons ship called the Icerunner. He wanted to put out the Solitude lighthouse fire, forcing the Icerunner to crash – providing us an easy way to loot the ship. It seemed simple enough so I agreed.

A bridge divides Solitude connecting Castle Dour which houses the Imperial Legion and Thalmor, with the Emperor’s Tower that leads down to the docks. There’s a ramp that leads up to the bridge and a platform that sits in between where the blacksmith and fletcher work their respective trades. I met Beirand, the Imperial’s smith. Beirand was selling a beautiful set of Elven Armor and a Dwarven Dagger of Frost that chilled to the touch. I traded in my Orcish Dagger and bought the Dagger of Frost. I also introduced myself to Finhada, the fletcher who specialized in bows and arrows. Later, I went down to the Imperial-financed East Empire Company shipping docks. It was only then looking back up at Solitude that I realized a large part of the city was built on a natural stone bridge that extended into the sea.

I was coming back from the docks when I was approached by a courier with a note. The note was from someone named Calcelmo in Markarth. He had discovered that I had purchased the Dwarven Dagger of Frost and said he needed one for his research. The note said he was willing to pay me handsomely for it. Considering I spent roughly 700 gold for it, I decided that when I arrived at Markarth I would speak to this Calcelmo and see what he had to offer. I strolled the castle courtyard watching the Imperial soldiers practice their archery and swordplay. I discovered the Thalmor Headquarters located in the castle. I poked my head inside and looked around. There didn’t seem to be anyone present so I helped myself to some food, expensive jewelry, and gold.

Leaving the castle,  I walked to the point of the city farthest on the natural stone bridge – the Blue Palace. Inside, I met Melaron who advised  me to steer clear of Sybille Stentor, the court wizard. Upstairs, I overheard a meeting between Jarl Elisif and a messenger.  The messenger’s name was Varnius from Dragon’s Bridge and he claimed that there were unnatural magics coming from a cave nearby. Stentor dismissed the claims as superstition, but it was decided that troops would be sent to Dragon’s Bridge nonetheless. I returned to the inn to dry off and have some hot horker stew. The rich meaty stew seemed to help get the cold out of my bones. With some light still left in the day, I returned to the docks to try and find the Solitude Lighthouse. I exited through the lower Emperor’s Tower, following the shoreline of the sea. I passed by a docked ship before I found the lighthouse. Oddly I found no resistance or guards as I climbed to the top of the lighthouse and extinguished the fire. I headed back in the dark freezing rain with only lantern posts guiding the way. I found Jaree-Da waiting for me on the docks of the East Empire Company. He informed me that the Icerunner had indeed swung wide of the eastern shoal and crashed on the eastern coast. His sister and a group of Blackblood Marauders were told to expect me. I returned to the Winking Skeever for the evening. I stripped off my wet clothes to dry. Tomorrow, I seek out the ruins of the Icerunner.


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