The Bard’s College



I decided that I was going to spend my day better acquainting myself with the capital of Skyrim and its people. I woke up at around noon and enjoyed a meal of salmon steak with a boiled creme tart and a honey nut treat for the sweet tooth. I did some window shopping. My first stop was at the local apothecary Angeline’s Aromatic to peruse her stock. The owner Angeline Morrard told me she had a daughter named Fura in the Imperial Army stationed at Whiterun, but hadn’t heard from her. I apologized and told her I had never met someone named Fura in my travels. Next, I stopped in the general store Bits and Pieces. Bits and Pieces was owned by a  wife and husband duo named Sayma and Beirand. While Sayma ran the store, Beirand was the local smith. During out conversation, Sayma revealed that she felt King Torygg had never been a great king, but nonetheless his death had turned Solitude upside down as evidenced by the execution that greeted me yesterday. I bought some Dwarven Arrows from Sayma, thanked her, and left.

Following the noise of the crowd, I arrived at the market square. There were children playing out in the courtyard and the shouts of the merchants peddling their wares filled the air. Evette San, the spice vendor, told me that business had been slower than usual, especially with the Burning of King Olaf being cancelled. It turns out The Burning of King Olaf is a popular local festival in which an effigy of King Olaf is burned. However, with the recent death of Torygg, the festival had been declared in bad taste. She asked me to help her pick up some spices from the East Empire Company dock, but I told her that I wasn’t really planning on heading that way at this time.

I continued west up the hill and underneath the bridge. At the very top of the hill sat the Blue Palace which I figured is where the Jarl stayed. In between, were many of the residences. I located the famous Bards College of Solitude which I had heard so much about. It was a huge building with three floors including a very impressive library and an open foyer with stained glass windows that filled the space with natural light. I was seized with the desire to learn an instrument, so I asked the headmaster Viarma if I could apply. I was disappointed when instead of offering lessons, he told me that applicants were required to perform tasks. Viarma wanted me to go to Dead Man’s Respite and retrieve King Olaf’s verse from a poem called the Poetic Edda. He wanted to perform this verse to Jarl Elisif, in the hopes that she would lift the ban on the festival. I put the task out of my mind since I already had enough to do.

Viarma did mention the college’s historian Girard whose name I recognized. I remembered that the author Adonato who I met in Windhelm had asked me to deliver his manuscript of Olaf and the Dragon. I delivered the book in exchange for 400 gold. The day had flown by and by now it was getting late. I returned to the Winking Skeever and had a filling dinner of baked potatoes and cooked beef.


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