I shoved down a honey nut treat and a sweet roll as I headed out of the Whiterun gates to the carriage. My mouth was still full when I told Bjornlam that I was going to Solitude. I threw my bag in the back and climbed in.

“First time to Solitude, eh?” he asked. I nodded. “Beautiful city. The capital of Skyrim…” he trailed off as I pulled the hood down over my eyes.

I woke back up around midday from the carriage wheel hitting a big bump. “Sorry about that!” he shouted back at me. With about six more hours until arrival at Solitude, I decided to read some books while daylight was still available:

  • Herbane’s Bestiary: Ice Wraiths. I have never seen an ice wraith before, but the book says they are beasts that camouflage themselves in the snow and attack when you least suspect. The author suggests that straight forward combat is the best tactic.
  • Vernaccus and Bourlor. A comical story. Vernaccus is a minor daedra whom the other daedra make fun of, so he goes on murderous rampages. Bourlor is a archer who never misses. Bourlor takes a shot at Vernaccus, but Vernaccus vanishes and the arrow hits a tree. Bourlor goes to his death, broken over missing a shot. Vernaccus meanwhile becomes popular and shrines are built for him. One day Vernaccus sees that there are people throwing rocks at his shrine. He appears in front of them, but they continue throwing rocks at him. Humiliated he retreats but while doing so, an arrowhead embedded n the wood impales him and kills him. The same arrowhead that Bourlor had shot years ago.
  • Of Crossed Daggers: The History of Riften by Dwennon Wyndell. Quite fascinating. Riften was actually once a major affluent trading city between Skyrim and Morrowind. But it was taken over by a tyrannical and corrupt Jarl who drained the city of its money in building his castle. The people eventually revolted setting the Jarl’s castle on fire, but the fire spread and consumed the whole city. Riften has never recovered.
  • Three Thieves. A story of three thieves: Lledas master of silent assassination, Imalyn, expert lock picker, and Galsiah infiltrator. They planned a heist together, but Lledas took the money. Lledas was actually a fake name. But they other two ended up finding him and killing him. The most interesting thing about the book though was the assassination techniques that Lledas details. Galerus had always taught me to cover the mouth first and then cut the throat in a swift motion, letting the blood spray away from you, but I had never thought of covering the victim’s head first with a burlap sack, drawing the string tight and then supplying the killing blow. I will have to try it sometime.
  • The Book of Daedra. A list of daedra and their respective dominions and spheres.

I finally arrived at Solitude, early in the evening. As I approached the city gates, I learned I had arrived just in time for the execution of Roggvir, the city guard who allowed Ulfric to escape after killing the High King. Yells of traitor filled the air. I watched from the shadows as they beheaded him. I scanned the skies half expecting a dragon to show up at the last minute. None did.

Solitude was a beautiful city. Colorful flags had been strung up around the town. I found Radiant Raiment, the store whose book numbers I had to forge. I walked in and met the owner Endarie, a pretentious rude elf. Scanning the store, I did not see the ledger. I would have to wait to try and break-in later and find it. I walked across the street to The Winking Skeever and met the barkeep Corpulus Vinius who told me that the Bards College was looking for members to join and that I should talk to Viarmo. I ordered a seared slaughter fish for dinner from him and ate it with some sliced carrots. I took a seat at the table in the corner and listened to the bard Lisette sing.

After midnight, the crowd had mostly cleared.I walked back over to Radiant Raiment. Under the cloak of night, I broke into the store. I located the ledger in a room on the second floor. I forged the numbers. I took what gold I could find and stole some jewels from the store. Having finished the job, I returned to the Winking Skeever and rented a room for the night.


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One thought on “Solitude

  1. That book made me wonder if ; basket over head – slit throat, would also work hehehe. I should go visit some other cities soon too so I can read the parts I skipped here…

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